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Artistic Associate

posted 8/29/2016 Filled 11/1/2016

Really Spicy Opera seeks an organized, driven artist-administrator to join the company in planning and executing its 2017 season. During this season, Really Spicy Opera will embark on a series of ambitious local, national, and international tours, taking shows to the shores of Hawaii, the plains of Canada, the valleys of Minnesota, and more.

If this sounds like something that you’re interested in doing, here are some of the questions that we ask of interested parties:

  • Are you a classically trained singer or pianist who wants to gain artistic and administrative experience?
  • Does the idea of joining us on an expedition to Hawaii excite you?
  • What about a tour up north, to little towns with vibrant performing arts centers and audiences that are big on heart, but might need some introduction to opera?
  • Do you think you can successfully keep a whole cast of pale-skinned Minnesotans from becoming lobsters when let loose in the tropical sun?
  • Are you skilled at creating opportunities and resolving problems?
  • Do you want to engage in pushing the boundaries of your own personal art and craft?
  • Does the idea of booking performances and negotiating with licensing agents excite you?

If you’ve answered yes to the above and you’re located in the greater Twin Cities area (or thereabouts), here’s some information about us:

  • We’re a scrappy, lean performing arts organization. Administrative overhead is light because we like to pay our artists.
  • We’re a seasonally dispersed organization, meaning that much of the work can be done from wherever you like, but that we also gather now and then in the off season to do all the things that work better in person.
  • Most of our creative team wear many hats; we’re looking for someone who not only does this as well, but likes doing it.
  • Since we build out our creative team for each production, there are opportunities available if you’re interested in pursuing directing, coaching, singing, etc.
  • You get free participation in any educational activities that we stage (e.g., master classes, coaching, artist training programs).


  • Bachelor’s degree in music or equivalent.
  • A passion for musical theater and opera.
  • Ability to make order out of chaos.
  • An interest in working with minimal supervision.
  • A can-do, proactive attitude.


  • Master’s degree in music or higher.
  • Other professional and artistic outlets (this is more of an add-on position than an all-consuming one).
  • An idea of how this position will help you move forward in your career. What types of things do you want to work on?
  • Some skills that you think would make you a special asset to our organization. What will these be? We don’t know – you tell us.


  • Work with the artistic director on licensing and booking arrangements. year-round
  • Serve as the lead organizer for tour bookings. year-round
  • Marketing and social media for our 2017 tours. year-round
  • Participate in creative decision-making on artistic and educational programming. year-round
  • Serving as the production manager for at least one production.

Benefits and Compensation

  • A stipend of $1,500 is offered for the 2017 season. Should you undertake an advertised creative role (e.g., stage director) for one of our productions, additional compensation is available.
  • Mentorship on various aspects of arts administration.
  • Free coaching and career counseling.
  • Free tickets to numerous performances and events across the Twin Cities.
  • Tuition remission for selected opportunities directly related to this job.
  • Lots of free food and beverages, including comped meals on the job.
  • If you travel with us on tour, free travel, room, and board. The minibar’s on you, though.

How to Apply

  • Send us an email to with the subject Artistic Associate Search. Attach a cover letter, a resume, and anything else you’d like (e.g., Youtube and professional website links, sample recordings, etc.).
  • Please don’t send any firstborn children. We’re good on that count.

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