Stipend Information: Rigoletto

Compensation varies significantly in opera. As a company, Really Spicy Opera is philosophically opposed to pay-to-sing engagements and supports paying artists as the foundation of a healthy working relationship. We are committed to working with young and emerging artists, and to offering coachings, feedback, and other fringe benefits that assist the artists that we work with.

For every production that we engage in, artists can expect:

  • A monetary stipend
  • 1 free digital headshot photo session
  • Digital copies of any related promotional pictures and video
  • Digital copies of any related archival sound and video recordings
  • Snacks and drinks at each rehearsal
  • 1:1 coaching by schedule or request

For Rigoletto, the nature of the opera and the varying performance requirements of different parts are reflected in the different compensation offered. In the interest of disclosure, here are the stipends offered:

  • Principal Trio (in terms of material): $500
    • Duke of Mantua, Gilda, Rigoletto
  • Other Featured Principals: $150
    • Count Ceprano, Count Monterone, Giovanna, Maddalena, Matteo Borsa, Marullo, Sparafucile
  • Other Characters: $100
    • Countess Ceprano, Court Page, Usher
  • Chorus: $75

An extra stipend is offered for understudying, including additional compensation in case an understudy performs the understudied role.

Really Spicy Opera does not charge application fees, accompanist fees for auditions, or pay-to-sing fees. Free parking is provided at all rehearsal and performance locations. By policy, artist payments are delivered on the last day of performances for a 1-week performance run.

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