Licensing Works from the Aria Institute

For Participants

Really Spicy Opera asks this condition of all participants:  a non-exclusive, limited license to perform, record, and broadcast works created directly through the Aria Institute for online education purposes, showcases, and performances for which RSO derives no ticketed revenue. This license allows us to generate recordings for the Aria Institute itself, to perform and record works for our showcases (in-person and virtual), and – when on tour the Third World – to collaborate with other groups in the .

As a writer-participant, you are fully free to develop works further – owing RSO no royalties, including expanding an initial proposal or musical excerpt into a larger work. We do not claim or ask for any residual royalties; outside of the Aria Institute and its commissioning activities, all participants are free to develop works as they see fit. (Many, in fact, do make revisions to pieces after an Aria Institute installment has concluded.)

If a work created through the Aria Institute is used in a showcase or performance, we strive to report this to the creators within a 1-week period after the performance (subject to logistical, travel, and other constraints), including providing:

  • a digital copy of the program;
  • copies of any high-quality recordings appropriate for distribution, as they become available (note: recordings may be significantly delayed due to engineering turnaround times); 
  • a list of musical interpreters/performers; and
  • links to any relevant critical media coverage.

As with other types of performances, the exact makeup of an RSO program featuring works from the Aria Institute may not be fixed prior to a specific performance, due to practical considerations such as performer availability, performer health, preparation, time constraints, etc.

For Interested Parties

Because participants retain ownership for their creations, the best way to obtain rights to perform a work is to contact the participant/creators directly. Most are easily found online, but if you would like to request a connection with a composer and/or librettist, please write:

There are currently no official plans to create an Aria Institute songbook. 

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