Past Aria Institute Installments

Wondering if attending the Aria Institute is aesthetically right for you?

A great way is to look at the showcases and other material from our past offerings:

  1. Soprano Edition: July 2020
  2. Mezzo Edition: September-October 2020
  3. Duet-Trio Edition: December 2020
  4. Libretto Workshop: March 2021
  5. Libretto Workshop: April 2021
  6. Soprano Edition: May-June 2021
  7. Soprano PM Edition (night-time schedule): June 2021
  8. Libretto Workshop PM Edition (night-time schedule): July 2021
  9. Duet-Trio Brunch Edition: September 2021
  10. Mezzo March Edition: March-April 2022

Upcoming installments of the Aria Institute are listed on the main page.

Drama that burns and music that sates.