Really Spicy Opera is proud to present a limited run of Giuseppe Verdi’s classic opera Rigoletto at the historic Capri Theater in North Minneapolis:

The Capri Theater, the last live theater operating in North Minneapolis, has a long history as a music and theater venue invigorating the West Broadway district. It played host to Prince’s first public solo concert in 1979. Free off-street parking.


The classic tale of love, seduction, and revenge gone wrong. It’s springtime in 1962 at the New York City firm of Mantua and Son. The rakish Duke of Mantua cuts a swath across the office floor, shielded by his family connections and his old friend Rigoletto, the janitor… The father of one of his conquests, Monterone, speaks out against the Duke’s behavior and is fired. As he’s escorted from the building, Monterone curses Rigoletto. Rigoletto is then aghast to find that his own daughter Gilda has been kidnapped…and seduced by the Duke. Rigoletto swears revenge and hires Sparafucile to assassinate the womanizing Duke. Events come to a head in the midst of a great storm, with some of the most beautiful and gripping music ever written for the stage.

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Jeehoon Kim

Jennifer Zabelsky

Duke of Mantua
Joshua Diaz

Will Esch

Megan O’Leary

Emily Johnson

Count Ceprano
Joseph Kastner

Countess Ceprano
Nicole Korbisch

Matteo Borsa
Thore Dosdall

Count Monterone
Rodolfo Nieto

Justin Spenner

Felix Aguilar Tomlinson

Brooke Wahlstrom


Yvonne Freese (Gilda), Laurent Kuehnl (Duke of Mantua), Sarah Zuber (Countess Ceprano), Steven Halloin (Matteo Borsa, Herald)

With Michael Burton (Trombone, Viola) and Ellie Fregni (Violin, Viola).

Creative Team

Stage Director: Amanda Weis
Music Director: Basil Considine
Assistant Stage Director: Margo Gray
Assistant Director of Music and Collaborative Pianist: Roderick Phipps-Kettlewell
Set and Costume Designer: Maureen Bourgeois
Stage Manager: Heather Baldwin
Artistic Associate: Jennifer Zabelsky

Drama that burns and music that sates.