Press and Audience Comments

Here are some of the things that reviewers and audience members have said recently:


“I just wanted to say how very lovely it is out here listening to that marvelous woman sing. Remember this scene in Shawshank Redemption where he goes and turns on the Italian opera singer and the whole prison go silent. That’s what it’s like out here right now. Please express my thankfulness to the artist.” – Chris R.

Game of Thrones: The Musical (2016)

“Must see.” – St. Paul Pioneer Press

Rigoletto (2016)

“Fascinating, striking.” – Twin Cities Arts Reader

“This was my first opera – and now I want to see many more.” – Andrew S.

“Intimate and wonderful!” – Beth T.

The Clever Artifice of Harriet and Margaret (2015)

“The singing is excellent and I especially enjoyed a duet vaguely reminiscent of the “Flower Duet” from Léo Delibes’ opera Lakmé.” – L’Étoile Magazine

“All four women have beautiful voices, and Victoria Seiffert Temiz was a stand out for me in her ability to sing with vibrant expressiveness.” – One Girl, Two Cities

The Frat Party (2014)

“Must-see…entirely sung in operatic style, which creates a delicious juxtaposition with the modern topic of a frat party.” – Cherry and Spoon

Drama that burns and music that sates.