Ashley Stevens

Ashley Stevens is a recent graduate from Bethel University, where she received a double bachelor’s degree in Musical Theatre (Acting and Directing) and Sacred Music. She joined Really Spicy Opera in 2016 for Game of Thrones: The Musical, playing the twin roles of Melisandre and the Narrator.

At Bethel, she appeared in Fiddler on the Roof (Golde), Hedda! (Irma Brent), A Shayna Maidel (Rose), Quilters: The Musical (Various), Measure for Measure (Escalus), and Jane Eyre: The Musical (Bertha Mason). She also appeared in Bedlam Theater’s Big Lowdown: Lights Out (Penelope Andrew) and as the head puppeteer in Excelsia College’s A Thousand Cranes.


Drama that burns and music that sates.