2015 – Clever Artifice

Auditions for The Clever Artifice of Harriet and Margaret

Show Details

  • What: A 50-minute opera for four female singers, written in a contemporary music idiom.
    • Super-Short Story: Harriet is secretly in love with Margaret’s husband, whom she hasn’t seen in years. Margaret is in desperate financial straits and needs Harriet’s business, while at the same time pretending to be prosperous. Their inner voices, Hettie and Maggie, let loose with their unguarded private thoughts and insecurities.
    • Background: The Clever Artifice of Harriet and Margaret is an award-wining, one-act chamber opera for four female singers composed by Leanna Kirchoff. It depicts the cat-and-mouse conversation between Harriet and Margaret, as they each try to accomplish their agenda without the other one knowing it. Their egos and ids take shape as Hetty and Maggie, who interject their own uncensored commentary on events.
  • Who: 4-person ensemble
    • Harriet (mezzo-soprano or soprano): a dignified woman of formal manners
    • Hetty (soprano): Harriet’s proud and haughty inner self – much more open to fun
    • Margaret (high soprano): an overbearing, somewhat garish lady
    • Maggie (mezzo-soprano): Margaret’s melodramatic inner voice
  • When:
    • Rehearsal dates:
      • Nights and weekends in July 2015
      • Most rehearsals will be 1-on-1 or groups of 2, so scheduling can be tweaked to accommodate your other commitments
      • Technical/Dress Rehearsal: TBD (most likely 7/28 or 7/29)
    • Performance dates:
      • 7/31/15 @ 5:30 PM
      • 8/2/15 @ 1:00 PM
      • 8/3/15 @ 8:30 PM
      • 8/7/15 @ 7:00 PM
      • 8/8/15 @ 4:00 PM
  • Where:
    • All rehearsal locations are within 3 miles of downtown Minneapolis and accessible via car and public transportation
    • The performances will take place at the New Century Theatre at 615 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403
  • What’s In It For You:
    • $150 stipend
    • 1-on-1 vocal coaching
    • CD and DVD copies of any recordings
    • Professionally done photographs
    • A credit in the Minnesota Fringe
    • Increased stipend for participating in any additional performances

In-Person Auditions

The Music Lesson - Nicolas Lancret
Sign up for your audition slot today!

In-Person/Traditional auditions will be held at the Minnesota Opera Center on Saturday, May 23, from 9 AM to 5 PM. An accompanist will be provided.

To sign up for an audition, please send an email to spicyopera @ gmail.com with the following information:

  • A current copy of your artist resume required
  • A current digital headshot photo required
  • Your availability within the audition window required
  • 1-2 recent recordings, either as .mp3 attachments or video links recommended

Once we have received your information, we will respond within 24 hours with a confirmation and your audition timeslot.

For the audition itself, please prepare two opera or oratorio excerpts, to include:

  • One piece in English
  • One piece that you feel strongly shows off your voice

These pieces can be of any period, although a contemporary opera excerpt is recommended. Any callbacks, if necessary, will take place during the general audition window the same day (May 23).

Virtual Auditions

We will not be offering virtual auditions for The Clever Artifice. However, we strongly encourage including 1-2 recent recordings (.mp3s or Youtube links are fine) with your application that you feel show you off well as a singer. This will help us get a better sense of your range and well-roundedness as a performer.

Drama that burns and music that sates.