The Frat Party Performance Materials


# Name Characters Audio Video Score
 1  The Setup  Dan, Fiona, Jimmy, Logan  Watch
 2  How Not to Talk to Your RA  Dan, Fiona, Logan  Watch
 3  “I Hate Chemistry”  Fiona  Watch
 4  Resolution  Dan, Fiona  Watch
 5  Party Planning  Dan, Jimmy, Logan  Watch
 6  “My Little Black Book”  Dan
Scene Change
 7  Outside the Frat House / “Sigma Lamda Tau”  Alicia, Angelique, Kate  Watch
 8  Welcome to the House of Beta Epsilon Epsilon Rho  Alicia, Angelique, Dan, Kate
 9  The Ladies Who Just Came In  Dan, Logan  Watch
 10  Angelique’s Meditation  Angelique  Watch
 11  Let’s Talk  Alicia, Logan  Watch
 12  “The First Lie”  Alicia  Watch
 13  I Hate that Woman  Kate, Logan  Watch
 14  “Darling, I Think You’ve Got Me Confused”  Kate  Watch
 15  “Fiona, I Love You!”  Jimmy  Watch
 16  I Think I Came On Too Strong  Jimmy, Fiona  Watch
 17  I Like Your Strobe Light  Alicia, Angelique, Dan, Fiona, Jimmy, Kate, Logan  Watch
 18  The Paragon of the U’s Officers  Campus Police Officer, Dan, Jimmy, Logan  Watch
 19  Wasted  Alicia, Angelique, Dan, Fiona, Jimmy, Kate, Logan  Watch
 20  Finale / “There’s A Time”  Full Company  Watch

Drama that burns and music that sates.