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Change is in the Season!

RSOC is moving to Minneapolis! As many of you know, the production arm of the Reduced Spice Opera Company was closed for the 2012-2013 season. We are very pleased to announce that the production arm will be resuming operations in the Summer of 2014 – in Minneapolis! New details will follow after the official press release. […]


Q&A with Basil Considine: So You Want to Become an Opera Director

RSOC staff sat down with founder Basil Considine to ask some questions about breaking into the field of opera directing. Here’s what he had to say: RSOC: How does someone become an opera director? Basil: By accident. (laughs) I’m completely serious: most directors start out as performers, whether that is behind the piano, onstage as […]

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Local Production Shoutout

This weekend, Boston Opera Collaborative is staging Rossini’s opera La Cenerentola (1817) at the Strand Theatre in Dorchester, MA, 1-4 August, 2013. The Strand Theatre is a magnificent old dame of a theatre that’s off the beaten path for many Boston area residents; after the end of major road construction on Mass Ave, it is […]

Site Being Restored

The RSOC site received an Easter surprise this year in the form of an outage with our web hosting provider. Unfortunately, this surprise included a discovery that there was an also an issue with their site backup system. As a result, much of the Reduced Spice Opera Company website will be offline until the restore […]