RSOC Alum News: Opera Scenes with Justin Werner

Justin Werner is a very talented high baritone who’s sang with RSOC for many years (2006 – Sir Gaheris, The Fall of the Round Table; 2007 – The BUPD Officer, The Frat Party; 2008 – Mario, Don Giovanni di Casanova). Sadly, he will soon be leaving Boston for newer pastures – but before he disappears he’s organized a giant sendoff in the form of an opera scenes performance. Cast are fellow RSOC alums Elissa Edwards (Kate, The Frat Party), Rachel Anne Hippert (Rose Red, The Strange Tale of Snow White…), Belinda Paige (Alicia, The Frat Party), & Daniel Ross (Narrator, The Fall of the Round Table; Dan, The Frat Party; Turrino, The Wedding Fiasco), among others.

Location: Coolidge Corner Library, 31 Pleasant St, Brookline, MA
Date & Time: May 6, 2010 – 6 PM