Aria Institute Virtual Showcase: Thursday, 7/30, 5-6 PM

What would an operatic version of Star Wars: The Last Jedi sound like? What about Sharknado the Opera: COVID Spring Break? What would happen in the operatic version of meeting your old crush (and 100% douche) from high school? What if you could hear Aphra Behn tell off a theatre critic, 17th-century opera style? How about just giving opera more puppies and tigers?

Find out the answers to these and other forbidden opera subjects in the livestreamed concert showcase of The Aria Institute: Soprano Edition this Thursday, 7/30 from 5-6 PM Central Time.

Featuring brand-new works by:

  • Caroline Cao
  • Basil Considine
  • Jessica Grams
  • Dina Pruzhansky
  • Nathan Scalise
  • SiHyun Uhm
  • Jane Wong
  • Marcus Yi

Administered by Tess Altiveros, Basil Considine, and Anne Wieben.

With performances by Suzanne Karpov (soprano) and Steven Seigart (collaborative piano).